What Bitcoin Did #102 The Tech Coming to Lightning with Christian Decker

Interview location: Skype

Interview date: Wednesday 15th April, 2019

Company: Blockstream

Role: Core Tech Engineer

While the Lightning Network is a way to scale Bitcoin while maintaining the security of the base chain, it is early and is presenting challenges to the key developers working on it. As users get to grips with channels, liquidity and the nuances of use cases, developers are responding by working on innovations to improve the experience.

In this interview, I talk again with Christian Decker from Blockstream. This time we dig into the detail of some of the upcoming technology for the protocol, including:

  • Splicing

  • Neutrino

  • Eltoo

  • Watchtowers

  • Channel factories

  • Submarine Swaps

  • Onion construction

  • Trampoline payments

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Source: letstalkbitcoin.com


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