Valerian Universe Players Receive Free Bitcoin and HYPER for Participation

Valerian Universe Players Receive Free Bitcoin and HYPER for Participation

Players of the space strategy game ‘Dragon Knights of Valeria’, have been given a chance to earn free Bitcoin and the gaming token HYPER for participating on new conquests, in the game’s latest installment — ‘Valerian Universe.’

The latest installment launched on June 8, 2017, and has a self-sustaining economy, driven by the platform’s native Anti-Matter (AntiM) tokens. The platform also supports fellow gaming token Gold Pieces (GP), Bitcoin and cryptocurrency HONEY.

Created by Crypto Database, Valerian Universe is unique turn-based space strategy game, involving intergalactic travel and various battles on many fictitious planets. The Valerian Universe is contained on a large digital map, boasting over one hundred million fully explorable and buildable galaxies.

Valerian Universe Players Receive Free Bitcoin and HYPER for Participation

The map also includes over 20,000 space stations throughout the vast plethora of planets. Players can earn free Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for traveling through space and undertaking battles, under the avatar of various space warriors.

Players can use the game’s native credits to continuously upgrade their spaceships, planetary buildings and space stations, with all upgrades incurring a rising cost along with increased performance. Players start with 1 “Genesis Seed,” which has the power to create one entirely new and unique planet. Players can control up to 10 planets by purchasing new seeds in any spaceport or from other players on the in-game exchange.

Anti-Matter (DKVU Currency)

Anti-Matter (AntiM) is the native currency of the Valerian Universe, and the Crypto Database development team are aiming to build a whole ecosystem around the cryptocurrency eventually.  Players spending AntiM on game items will have their transactions confirmed as others continue to explore the game. And those whose contributions successfully discover new blocks will receive rewards as well as a portion of network fees in AntiM tokens.

The Valerian Universe’s platform also includes an in-game Anti-Matter exchange in which players can trade in-game currencies for various other cryptocurrencies and game items. All trades executed on the exchange platform are free from any trading or transaction fees. Instead, Valerian charges a negligible 0.2% withdrawal fee.

Valerian Universe has announced a bounty campaign to give enthusiasts and player the opportunity to earn AntiM tokens by contributing towards the development of the Anti-Matter ecosystem. Valerian Universe uses an altruistic streak, which is empowered by HONEY tokens. 5% of all game upgrades made with HONEY will be donated to various charities which provide food and shelter to the less fortunate. Using HONEY cryptocurrency also indirectly supports apiaries and honey industry.

The total cap for the platforms AntiM tokens is set at 1 million, and all Dark Matter exchanges for AntiM will see all tokens sent or burnt to conserve their value. The game is available on multiple platforms and all devices over iOS and Android.



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