This startup is going to disrupt the music industry with blockchain technology

This startup is going to disrupt the music industry with blockchain technology

Viberate is planning to revolutionize the live music industry with its unique platform that utilizes blockchain technology.

The Viberate Platform

This startup is going to disrupt the music industry with blockchain technology

Viberate is an exciting project that aims to change the live music industry, by using blockchain technology. The Viberate platform allows users to access a database which displays musicians, event dates, social media statistics, club locations and more. According to the CEO Viberate, the platform has received  overwhelming support from the music and blockchain community:

We knew that we’ll stand out, because we already have a working service and a good concept. But we never dreamed of getting so much attention from the community. My phone number seems to be a valuable asset and the whole team keeps getting calls from funds and high net worth individuals we don’t even know. My partner even got a call from a Premier League football player. Crazy!

Most interesting characteristics of the platform is the fact that musicians will be able to get paid with cryptocurrency for their performances. The platform will also allow event organizers to find an ideal musician for their upcoming events. Musicians will be ranked according to their social media popularity and music genre. The startup was founded by experienced music industry veterans and by famous Slovenian DJ  UMEK. Currently, the platform is in the beta phase and soon it’s going to start an initial coin offering.

Viberate ICO

The startup is planning to have an initial coin offering on September 5, 2017.  The ICO will be accomplished with a live performance of DJ UMEK, who also is a co-founder of the startup. The token sale is planned to end on Oktober 4, 2017.  The Viberate team is expecting to raise the amount of $12 million through its ICO. The amount is planned to be used for the further development of the platform.

The Viberate team believes that the hard cap of the ICO should be hit within minutes. DJ UMEK expressed following about his upcoming performance:

Of course, we’ll throw a party for when the crowdsale launches! What kind of a music service wouldn’t do that? I prepared a special 90-minute set and I’ll play it in our offices in Ljubljana. We want as many people as possible to celebrate this special event with us, so we’ll stream the set live on Facebook. I hope the neighbors will understand that we might cross a line with loud music for a while. They’re invited anyway

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