The Bitcoin Game #72: eToro s Guy Hirsch

The Bitcoin Game #72: eToro s Guy Hirsch

Welcome to episode 72 of The Bitcoin Game, I’m Rob Mitchell. This episode came about in an unexpected way. I had the opportunity to speak with Guy Hirsch (USA Managing Director for eToro) at the CIS conference in Los Angeles. My plan was to grab some sound bites from Guy to use in podcast episodes as part of eToro’s sponsorship. But I’m such a curious person that I couldn’t help but ask a bunch of genuine questions I had about the platform. Turned out, the brief interview was interesting and informative enough that I decided to release it as a stand-alone episode. So, if you’ve wondered about eToro after seeing them practically everywhere in the crypto space (not to mention the snazzy eToro commercial with Alec Baldwin), this episode will get you up to speed!

Source: letstalkbitcoin.com


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