The Bitcoin Game #58: Jennifer Zhu Scott

Welcome to episode 58 of The Bitcoin Game, I’m Rob Mitchell. In January of this year, I saw lots of talk about the World Economic Forum’s speeches and panels in Davos. Even Donald Trump spoke at this event. But the panel I was most interested in was called The Crypto Asset Bubble, and it featured Nobel Prize Laureate Robert Shiller. I didn’t know any of the other panelists, but the one who stuck out to me the most was Jennifer Zhu Scott. She seemed very pro-Bitcoin and was a very eloquent speaker. I wondered why I’d never heard of her before. I immediately invited Jen to be a guest on my podcast, and we finally connected just a bit ago, thanks to Twitter. We cover many topics including the World Economic Forum, her favorite project, China, and her involvement in the hit HBO series, Silicon Valley.


“The Crypto-Asset Bubble” – Davos 2018, World Economic Forum