SAFE Crossroads #41, App Devs Jump In, with Shane Armstrong

SAFE Crossroads #41, App Devs Jump In, with Shane Armstrong

With the SAFE Alpha 2 Network running for some months now, providing a stable, improving interface for developers to work with and learn to use the SAFE APIs, a lot of development activity is taking place by independent App Developers.

Our guest for this episode is Shane Armstrong, an experienced and successful software engineer who recently discovered the SAFE Network and has jumped right in and started developing and implementing important apps for the network.

We discuss his perspective as an experienced engineer approaching the SAFE development process and the network as a whole, the tools in place to speed developers’ interface and exploitation of the network, and why he sees the network’s implementation as so important.


Music for this episode: Safe Crossroads Beta, an original piece composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes

Source: letstalkbitcoin.com


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