Relax, Man…Bitcoin’s Security is Fine feat. Dan Held

In this episode, Dave and Grahm cover the news: shadow banking, Binance’s spinoff company and explaining Bitcoin to your dad. Then they talk with the myth, the legend, the Texan, Dan Held. They discuss Held’s recent essay on Bitcoin’s Security, the halving and what is Bitcoin’s best use case (store of value or payments).



  • How to Explain Bitcoin to Your Dad on Father’s Day: An Infographic
  • Binance To Launch Regulation-Complaint Spinoff Site
  • Shadow Banking Explained: How Crypto Companies Make Money In the Dark

Dan Held Interview:

  • Bitcoin’s Security Is Fine by Dan Held
  • Friedrich Hayek & The Nobel Prize
  • Sam Patt’s tweet on Bitcoin Not Built Primarily as a store of value
  • Dan’s Infamous tweet: #Bitcoin: Too Expensive


  • Bitcoin Magazine
  • The LTB Network
  • Dan Held
  • Dave
  • Grahm

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