PR: IXE Token Backed by Blockchain Powered Education Platform Little Detective

PR: IXE Token Backed by Blockchain Powered Education Platform Little Detective

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Little Detective will be launched in various stages, starting from China, followed by South-East Asian countries and Europe.

November 13, 2018: After immense success with ICO and now listed in LAToken, Exrates and Idex, Little Detective is finally on its development and production stage and announced about prospective discussions with some European countries for the distribution of its next-generation blockchain edutainment platform. As the first blockchain powered edutainment portal, Little Detective is especially targeting the developing countries that suffer from limited access to quality education, teachers and teaching supplies.

“We have devised a self-learning and exploratory edutainment platform which aims to effectively address the shortage of teaching supplies and lack of access to quality education in countries around the world. We are on our way to discuss the distribution of our innovative platform in some European countries.”

Little Detective has already announced about the plans of launching the platform in China, Asia and now Europe. Developed by Ixtus Edutainment, Little Detective is the first blockchain-powered edutainment portal, which aims to forward democratic participation in education across communities all over the world. The platform is targeted towards pre-school and lower primary school children.

Little Detective has declared to roll out its futuristic platform in various phases. China constitutes the biggest market for Ixtus and the company has chosen the Sino market for the Phase 1 of the launch of Little Detective. The platform will debut in China in 2019.

“We have decided to launch Little Detective initially in China and we are targeting first-tier provinces including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. We are also targeting highly populated provinces in the country such as Chongqing, Chengdu, Tianjin that altogether show a massive population totaling to 111 million”, stated Mr Alan BEK, CEO of Ixtus.

Little Detective is aimed to create a holistic learning ambience where the little users will be motivated to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills along with motor and speech skills. The platform is inspired by Western ideas of education and with China fast becoming highly receptive to Western thoughts, the Sino market easily qualifies to be the debut base for Little Detective.

The second phase of the launch of Little Detective is scheduled to start 12 months after the China launch and is declared to target major South-East Asian countries including Vietnam and Indonesia.

“A lot of Asian countries today are fast incorporating English in primary education but unfortunately lack of a proper curriculum to teach the language is a major obstacle here. Moreover, we have also witnessed shortage in supply of quality teaches as well as training, development and teaching methods in these highly populated countries that prevent quality education from reaching to the masses. We are looking forward to bridge the gap here with our blockchain edutainment portal.”

The phase 3 and 4 of the launch of Little Detective will be carried out in rest of Asia Pacific, Europe and other parts of the world.

“There are many developing economies in Europe and other parts of the world that have prioritized education policies but suffer from restricted access to quality education and shortage of resources. We are focused on helping these nations to overcome such shortages with our self-learning & exploratory platform.”

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PR: IXE Token Backed by Blockchain Powered Education Platform Little Detective

PR: IXE Token Backed by Blockchain Powered Education Platform Little Detective

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PR: IXE Token Backed by Blockchain Powered Education Platform Little Detective

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PR: IXE Token Backed by Blockchain Powered Education Platform Little Detective

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