POV Crypto – Collecting Bitcoin with Amber and Ethereum vs Bitcoin with Aleks Svetski

Amber is an App simply for dollar-cost averaging into Bitcoin. Do-away with FOMO and trading, and responsibly stack sats with Aleks’ app

Aleks has been around the Bitcoin space for a long time, and comes to POV Crypto to discuss a number of various topics. The topic turns to Where and How Ethereum plants its flag in the Bitcoin world. 


  • Interest Rates manipulating Time Preference

  • Bitcoins relationship with non-hard currencies

  • When we do away with fiats all together

  • The different monetary factions; corporate money, gov money, free money

  • Fees collected on Ethereum adding to its hardness

  • Bitcoins genesis vs Ethereum’s genesis

  • Where Ethereum gets its hardness

  • Traditional businesses models vs Ethereum application development, growth, funding

Please rate and share the podcast!


Please rate and share the podcast!

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