Ethereum Price Analysis: May 2 – 10

Ethereum Price Analysis: May 2 - 10

Ethereum price has surged to the $100 mark, which was followed by big sell deals – a result of speculation after the ETF news. Does this mean the end of the long-term uptrend?


Long-term uptrend disrupted

It seems that we can reach an intermediary conclusion, given that the peak of the long-term trend has been defined. After the new surge from $80, the price reached the $100 mark. Thus, the price of Ethereum has grown 17 times over in five months. The volume of growth we have seen from $80 is significantly lower than what it was from $20 to $50. Also, the sharp rise was followed by a similarly sharp fall, which was broken through the starting point of that growth. All these factors are disruptive to the trend. A similar scenario played out on March 17, when Ethereum fell sharply from $50 to $36 and was stuck in a flat for a month after that. Thus, we can consider the long-term trend of the current scale to be finished.

Ethereum Price Analysis: May 2 - 10

Continuation of the downward rebound

Usually, after the structure of a trend has been disrupted, a rebound follows. Ethereum price has already reached the minimal targets of the rebound, forming the likely peak of this correction. Ethereum enjoyed some support from the bulls near $74. There are also large previous and current deals seen at that level. This mark might become the peak of a reversal towards a deeper correction.

Forming a larger-scale trend

The medium-scale correction zone towards the upward trend will be before the $74 level. If there is no reversal at $74, the odds will switch to the side of continued growth; at least until the accumulated volume of sell orders near $95.

Ethereum Price Analysis: May 2 - 10


Uptrend from $3 is over

Ethereum Classic price has been defined as the peak of the uptrend. The movement from $3 can be considered finished, as it has been disrupted by big sell deals from $7. All this can point to a big bear taking their profit.

Ethereum Price Analysis: May 2 - 10

Deeper correction

Ethereum Classic price is experiencing a similar scenario to that of Ethereum. A large-scale downward reversal has not yet taken place. A likely peak of the $5.2 correction towards the trend from $3 has been formed. The sharp rebound confirmed that. In the case of a deeper fall, this point will be passed. If Ethereum Classic reaches that point again without sufficient support, a downward reversal will most likely follow.

New large-scale growth

An alternative scenario will play out without a reversal at $5.2. In that case, ETC will have better chance to keep growing at least to $7.

Ethereum Price Analysis: May 2 - 10

Most likely scenarios


  • Without downward reversal at the key line of $74, the odds will be on the side of continued growth.
  • Conversely, given a reversal at $74, the price will likely to continue falling.


  • If the price doesn’t form a downward reversal after reaching $5.2, it might go up.
  • If Ethereum Classic price reverses downwards at $5.2, it will probably continue falling.



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