CrowdWiz: A Funding Ecosystem for Decentralized Market Investments; ICO Pre-Sale goes Live

CrowdWiz: A Funding Ecosystem for Decentralized Market Investments; ICO Pre-Sale goes Live
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Cryptocurrencies have arguably been the most disruptive innovation in the last few years and there is no longer any doubt that they will have a major role in the future of money. Research analysts at Canadian bank Canaccord Genuity have recently indicated that the cryptocurrency market is expected to grow 1000% by 2025. In addition, Autonomous NEXT, a fintech analytics firm, has indicated that there are now 55 cryptocurrency hedge funds. These two research reports point to the emerging domination of the financial space by cryptocurrencies as well as a world of new opportunities for blockchain-based financial technology products.

This is why the CrowdWiz funding ecosystem is a phenomenon whose time has come. Opportunities such as investment into cryptocurrencies and crypto-based investments will no longer pass you by once you acquire your WIZ tokens to become a CrowdWiz investor. With pre-sale already going full steam, it is pertinent to provide some insight on how this platform will benefit you as an investor.

Why CrowdWiz?

The most important consideration is that with CrowdWiz, your “little” money can finally get you into the investments of the future. As a private individual, you can use CrowdWiz to invest in decentralized markets such as cryptocurrencies and crypto-based assets. You also acquire a voice in all decision-making regarding whatever investments will be made with the funds in the ecosystem. No more will a few affluent “early-bird” investors have the power to drown the voices of many, as is currently the case in traditional investment setups.


To achieve these goals, the CrowdWiz funding ecosystem has been setup with the following components:

  • WizFund platform
  • WizExchange
  • WizTrader
  • WizStore
  • WizVote

The WizFund (crowd wisdom fund) is the 1st stage of the entire process, where the sale of investment tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain technology will be issued in a pre-sale. Anyone can acquire tokens (WIZ tokens), and the funds raised from the sale of the tokens will constitute the investment fund that members of the CrowdWiz community will use for investments into projects. Call this a type of crypto hedge fund and you will not be far from the truth. Investment decisions will be made on a “propose, vote and decide” basis by ALL investors. Cryptocurrency-based assets are presently the Next Big Thing in the investment world, and these will form the bulk of initial investments by the CrowdWiz community.

WizExchange is the next stage in the development of the ecosystem. Investors can setup their own crowdfunding projects and list them on WizExchange. This will serve to create liquidity that will make the WIZ tokens tradable by members of the community. External crypto-assets can also be listed on WizExchange to deepen the market.

WizTrader allows for integration of the ecosystem to cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing members to trade cryptocurrencies with their WIZ tokens.

With WizStore, developers can also publish their apps in the app store, providing them with a new market for their products.

WizVote is a customized in-house voting mechanism which permits every investor vote on investment decisions. This ensures a democratized system of voting which allows every voice in the ecosystem to be heard.

Launch Date

Pre-sale of the WIZ tokens has already started! Head over now to the CrowdWiz website to secure your spot:




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