Coingeek to Fund the BCH Anonymizer Mixing Platform ‘Cash Shuffle’

Coingeek Funds the BCH Mixing Platform 'Cash Shuffle'


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Coingeek to Fund the BCH Anonymizer Mixing Platform ‘Cash Shuffle’

On March 28 the Calvin Ayre-owned blockchain and mining firm, Coingeek, announced it would be funding the privacy-centric bitcoin cash (BCH) project ‘Cash Shuffle.’ The project Cash Shuffle is a mixer tool designed to shuffle BCH to increase transaction anonymity.

Blockchain Firm Coingeek Funds the Privacy-Centric BCH Mixing Platform Cash Shuffle

Coingeek to Fund the BCH Anonymizer Mixing Platform ‘Cash Shuffle’Over the past few months, the company Coingeek has been investing in blockchain projects across the bitcoin cash ecosystem. The firm owned by the entrepreneur Calvin Ayre has been funding projects like terabyte block size research, the platform Electron Cash, and a mining operation as well. Further, the company says it is also offering a £5,000,000 bounty for a BCH-based tokenization mechanism. Now, this week the firm has announced the funding of the project Cash Shuffle, a mixer that enables privacy-enhanced transactions on the BCH network.

Back in December of 2017 reported on a new shuffling platform designed for bitcoin cash. The open source project, Cash Shuffle, is a client-server model with an implemented plugin for the Electron Cash wallet. The project’s website claims that the protocol cannot read information tied to transactions mixed nor can the server steal funds.

“The server, like the individual participants, also has no knowledge of which input corresponds to which output — The server cannot steal money in a proper Cash Shuffle implementation because the transactions are only signed on the client side if they are valid,” explains Cash Shuffle.

Coingeek to Fund the BCH Anonymizer Mixing Platform ‘Cash Shuffle’

Satoshi’s Vision

During the announcement for funding the Cash Shuffle project, Coingeek’s owner Calvin Ayre explained projects like these continue to solidify that BCH is staying true to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision.

“BCH is now making sure it is true to the original vision and is adding other useful elements as the cryptocurrency world evolves,” explains Ayre. “The legacy segwit coin (BTC) should no longer call itself bitcoin as there is no resemblance to the coin launched in 2008.”

I am willing to listen to any sensible arguments as to why this is not the case but can find none to refute the claim that BCH is the real bitcoin.

The Cash Shuffle protocol is still in pre-release form, but bitcoin cash users can experiment with the shuffling plugin. The Cash Shuffle platform’s server-side software is written in Go, and is designed much like the old Coin Shuffle platform, but adds a matching service. BCH users simply choose a server from the list, choose the number of coins they want mixed, and then wait for at least five participants join the same server. The platform can be found on the developer’s Github page, and it’s available on the official web portal.



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