Blockchain Boasts Privacy and Anonymity Online with BitClave

Blockchain Boasts Privacy and Anonymity Online with BitClave
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There are many who feel like they are the product when it comes to using the internet, especially on search engines and anywhere people’s personal data is expressed.

The way in which the online space works at the moment is that there is a massive centralized monopoly between the search engine giants, and the online advertisers who essentially are paying for priceless information created by users, and it is the centralized online engines profiting from sharing the info.

The search engines are fed information when somebody is searching for a car, a house, or even a new shirt, and they are able to use that to their advantage by selling it on to would be interested advertisers, without the consent of the individual. However, often the ads that follow are meaningless and irrelevant, or even don’t reach the individual who has supplied the data.

However, the era of being dictated to and being powerless online is coming to an end, and it is happening through the Blockchain, as well as through an anonymous and decentralized search engine called BitClave.


Control your data

Because search engines are essentially the keys to the internet, they have become mandatory for all to use, however, the use of search engines allows them to paint an obvious picture of the user for advertisers and retailers to buy and target. Only they are profiting from having free reign to this private individual’s data.

BitClave is different in that they are looking to turn the system on its head and make it so search engines who are “selling” this data on are no longer the ones that will be profiting, they will be cut out of the equation and the users will be compensated should they decide to share.

With BitClave search platform customers not only decide who has access to their data but also “paid” each time businesses “use” their data to make them offers.

This allows for a much higher level of anonymity. There is no central authority to report to, such as the online advertisers who demand this information, and thus, those who have the valuable data can “sell” it as they please.

The Power to provide

BitClave’s platform seems to change the situation of power in terms of valuable data. It now becomes the creators of the data who have the power to decide what to do with it.

Anonymity is worth a lot to people, and privacy even more so, so when it comes to using a system like BitClave, where the user is in full control of how much information they want to divulge, they now have the power to provide.

If privacy is not such a big deal to a certain user though, then there is the option to profit from that valuable information as the retailers and advertisers are the ones now compensating for use of the data.

Essentially, anything a user searches for or clicks on is only their business. If a business wants that business, they need to pay for the data.

Data is secure

BitClave is utilizing the Blockchain to aid in this increased privacy as there are no intermediaries to deal with who crave data, rather just a decentralized network on the Blockchain.

Consumer information is encrypted and anonymously secured in the Blockchain, thus the only ones who can grant access to the information, are the ones who have it.

The hope is from BitClave that they can create a new ecosystem of online search, one that is both private, as well as one that hands power back to the consumer.

BitClave has completed a very successful private and public pre-sale token event raising over $16 million. BitClave team will be launching the full sale of their token to be carried out on November 8th, 2017.




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