Bitcoin and Cannabis With Bitcoin Mom, Bill and Jack Mallers – WBD124

Interview Location: Boulder

Interview Date: Sunday 30th June 2019

Company: Zap and Helping Hands Herbals

Role: Founders

The Cannabis industry shares a lot with Bitcoin. It is growing fast under a clouded regulatory position. While at a state level Bitcoin has been legalised either for recreational or medicinal purposes across the majority of the country, it is still illegal at a federal level which has led to problems acquiring banking services for those operating in the industry.

In this interview, I travelled to Boulder to meet up with the Mallers family: Bill, Brooke (Bitcoin Mom) and Jack (Zap), to discuss both Bitcoin and Cannabis. With Brooke and Bill being early investors in Bitcoin, Jack working on his Lightning wallet Zap and the family investing heavily in the cannabis industry, it was an excellent opportunity for me to learn more Bitcoin and cannabis.



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