All-In-One Cryptocurrency Solution UQUID Launches ICO

All-In-One Cryptocurrency Solution UQUID Launches ICO
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UQUID, an all-in-one solution for crypto enthusiasts to earn, save, and spend their cryptocurrencies, recently launched its ICO, and early birds have the chance to save, depending on when they participate.

Launched in May 2016, UQUID essentially allows users to save, earn, and spend Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 88 other cryptocurrencies. Possible uses include paying bills, shopping online, buying groceries at a local store, or topping up their mobile phones.

UQUID’s global partner network allows users to connect their cryptocurrencies and use them as fiat in popular e-currency payment platforms, including PayPal, Skrill, Payeer, Western Union, MoneyGram, and others.

The ecosystem allows for instant, non-reversible transactions making it a perfect solution for freelancers, gamblers, and shop owners who wish to use cryptocurrencies in their everyday lives, without simply having to hold onto them and wait for businesses to accept them. It brings cryptocurrencies to our daily routine.


The platform’s wide variety of offered services, as well as its advantages, led UQUID to be described as a complete ecosystem that “provides a hassle-free physical realization of your digital wealth and risk-free investment environment to trade or exchange your digital currency.”


The ecosystem’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has already begun, on October 2, and will last until November 7, finishing at 10 AM GMT. In it, a total of 40 million UQC tokens will be distributed at a price of 166 tokens per 1 Ether, with early birds getting bonuses depending on when they purchase their tokens.

Tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 88 other cryptocurrencies, all listed on Appendix 1 of the project’s whitepaper. Token holders will be allowed to save 0.4% when cashing out UQC using UQUID. After the ICO, raised funds will be allocated as follows:

  • 45% to development
  • 30% to working capital
  • 15% to overhead
  • 5% to legal
  • 5% to marketing

To learn more about the project and its ICO, please visit the official website. To keep up with UQUID, follow it on Facebook and Twitter, and join the discussion on Telegram.




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